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Jay Mohan

Wow!! What an amazing film festival. The communication has been exemplary. Our film was reviewed thoroughly and we received a 4 page detailed Review on our film. This was a spectacular experience for us as filmmakers. The team who manages the festival as well as the judges are highly skilled with an amazing creative view. Our film "I Resign" was reviewed and researched thoroughly by the judges before the awards and we were really impressed. American Golden Picture International Film Festival is a great venue for any aspiring filmmaker to get honest feedback to learn the craft better to make better films. Highly recommended. 

Matt Ryan Vilad

I can’t say enough about how well everything was taken care of start to finish. I wish I could give you an award. Thank you for the wonderful experience and professionalism. 

Tyler Duffy

I submitted my film to the festival and was very pleased with the experience. Communication was excellent and clear. They have a great strategy for promoting your project and you as an artist. The Laurels I won look professional and were promptly provided. Very happy with my experience and would submit to this festival again.

Honey Lauren

American Golden Picture International Film Festival is absolutely wonderful! They have probably the best communication of anyone I've worked with and they are so very kind and patient. Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, is so talented and full of passion for fellow filmmakers. I am so grateful to he and his staff for recognizing our film WIVES OF THE SKIES. Thank you!!!! I hope to have a future relationship with this wonderful festival!


Adam Saini

Proud to be part of the festival, very professional team very good communication, going to apply another project soon.

Meera Samaroo

Hats off to Mr. Mahmoud shoolizadeh the leader of the festival and his brilliant team members for supporting indie filmmakers all over the globe by way of imparting them a valuable chance to see their dreams come true. Thank you , thank you , thank you very much sir ... your love and respect to filmmakers has been phenomenal. From bottom of my heart I highly recommend the American Golden Picture International Film Festival.

Kevin Harkins

Excellent communication, professionally run. A really great film festival!

Nicole Benoit

As an emerging Female Director, I am deeply honoured for the recognition and accolades from a festival which truly is committed to recognizing and celebrating the talent, art, beauty and purpose we as humble servants to our films give year after year. Thank you for the expedient response and communication throughout the selection process. When a festival supports you the way American Golden Picture does, It pushes you as a creator onward onto your greater future potential as an artist. I can't wait to submit our next round of films and attend the festival screenings! I highly recommend the "American Golden Picture International festival"!

Gateway Films Group

Great professionalism and communication shown by the festival team. Thanks for this wonderful experience. American Golden Picture IFF is a great festival, highly recommended!

Ian Woodward

From the moment my film was dispatched to the American Golden Picture International Film Festival to receiving the news of an award it had received, the event was an invigorating, rollercoaster experience of joy and pleasure that was as dizzying as it was awe-inspiring. At times it wandered into the curve of contagion, maybe requiring a call to be put through to the World Health Organization, because of the high level of effervescence it was intent on pursuing! So congratulations to the festival’s brilliant organizers and directors, Mahmoud Shoolizadeh and Rozina Behrooz, for bringing such passion and enchantment to the proceedings.

Dave Bresnahan

We were excited to learn about this film festival. It is great to be able to enter and have results the next month. We look forward to hearing our results. The entry price is excellent, the communication great, and the professionalism fantastic.

Akiko Misaizu

We are truly honored and humbled that our film "Closet" from Japan, has been chosen as Best Lead Actor. Being recognized by such a wonderful, respected festival like this will hopefully help us share the story of problems in modern society. We also are impressed with the personal touches and sincere desire to showcase all of the talented participants that the President of the festival and his team show us! Thank you for your great communication and organization.

Molotov Mitchell

What a great festival! Friendly, helpful staff and judges with a keen eye. We’re so glad we entered and so thankful that our film WASTERS won in several categories! Thank you AGPIFF!

Hugo Teugels

A highly professional, well organized and communicative festival! Thank you for the win of “Best Music Video”. (“AnoMiC”) We can't wait to send you some new projects for the next edition.

Sama Ghasemi

An authentic, well organized and professional festival. We become glad to be chosen as“Best short Animation film “ The Dream of a Clear City “ . Thanks to President and the judges for their decision . We are extremely proud that our little film has been awarded.

I believe that the most important specification of your festival is “Humanities View”.

Jonathan Galland

American Golden Picture IFF is a great festival, highly recommended!

Jay Dogra

Wonderful Festival and what an honor to have won award's from Three categories. Thank you for the Awards for "I'm Sinner" Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay. Also Thank you to the Judges and the members of the Jury. Your festival is quick to respond and has great communication. These Awards will help our film to be noticed. Our goal is to educate, guide and save girls lives in India. Thank You Again.

Alec Baumzweig

It's a very exciting opportunity, and I'm very thankful to have been chosen. The people working on the festival were very nice and helpful. A great experience!

Mara Lencina

We are truly honored and humbled that our film-Stolen Babies of Spain, has been chosen as Best Documentary Long film. Being recognized by such a wonderful, respected festival like this will hopefully help us share the story of these courageous victims to an ever larger audience. They deserve nothing less. We also are impressed with the personal touches and sincere desire to showcase all of the talented participants that the President of the festival and his team show us!

lawton Vokahl

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Zeff Lawless

We really honoured to be selected as an Official Selection in this amazing festival. Wonderful to also win Best Short Fiction, Amazing! Thank you "American Golden Picture International Film Festival". Looking forward to entering our next film into this great festival! Cheers...

Nicola Bottos

Great Festival! Very kind people, ready to reply quickly and in a thorough way to every question.

I am truly honored to have been awarded as best composer for the soundtrack of the film "La Citta' Vuota".

Dezmyre Volmus

I am super thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of this Great Festival. I am honored to receive an award for my Trailer too! As a first time Haitian filmmaker, I am encouraged to push for the vision to break traditions. Lastly, I love how the team responded to all of my inquiries so quickly and were extremely professional. The opportunity to connect with other filmmakers and investors internationally makes this festival so unique. I will definitely submit again!

Roberto Jabor

American Golden Picture International Film Festival was very professional yet friendly in their interactions, prompt with notifications, and very clear about submission guidelines and deadlines. I'm very proud to be awarded by the jury.

Ben Tobin

This festival has been a great experience. The communication is top notch, and made us feel very taken care of, and there's a great networking opportunity.

Marci Krown

I found the communication from the festival to be very good and very attentive. You can tell the leader of the festival Mahmoud Shoolizadeh has a passion for filmmakers! The opportunity to submit your film monthly, for an award and then possibly be selected for their yearly festival was new to me. I liked the opportunity to showcase areas of the film you normally don't see in an awards competition-trailer, score, poster, etc. The value of this gives more opportunities for beginning filmmakers to possibly win an award! Being that my experience was very positive in the early stages of this festival, I have no doubt that everything else about this festival will be just as wonderful! Thank you so much!

Brijesh Gurnani

This is the way festivals should be run! These are GREAT folks and it was truly an honor to be Awarded ! Thank you American Golden Picture IFF for your amazing Award! We will keep on submitting in your festival.

Jason Sandri

This is easily one of the most responsive festivals I have ever encountered. They have an interesting model with monthly selections and a yearly screening, which results in a wonderfully unique, diverse, and interesting variety of films.

Forrest Tuff

Great festival and great communication about status of entries! The AGPIFF is very professional and I will enter again.

Piano Whitman

Great festival. Notifications are on time and staff is very friendly. Excited to see what they do in the future! Love how supportive they are of independent film.

Robert Rosenbaum

So honored to be recognized of the American Golden Picture International Film Festival. Great communications and a great opportunity to network with an international group of talented artists.


We recommend "American Golden Picture International Film Festival". It's a very supportive & proactive film festival. We like the style of the film festival. It's a great opportunity for filmmakers. Thanks to all the festival team of AGPIFF.

Diane Keogh

Great Festival. Very encouraging for new Film Makers. This Festival attracts films from all around the world and their communication is Excellent. Thanks so much to the Festival for our Honorable Mention awards in Best Screenplay and Best Female Supporting Actress for Not Enough Time. We appreciate them. Thank you !!!

Jim Gloyd

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival" is GREAT! 
No one can argue they have quite possibly some of the nicest looking laurels and certificates among all film festivals. 
I had hoped for one and was absolutely thrilled to be a winner!

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