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Mahmoud Shoolizadeh (From USA)


Mahmoud Shoolizadeh is a film Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Editor, based in the USA.

He received a Bachelor degree in Film Production and Master degree in Cultural Affairs Management with over 30 years of experience in film industry. His major activities include directing fiction, documentary, long and short films. He has been the recipient of several awards, including: 

Best Film award for his feature long film "Noora" at the "49th Taormina International Film Festival” in Italy. Best Film award for "The Prisoner" at the "Hollywood Cinerockom International Film Festival”, USA. Best Film award for "The Debt" at the "Moondance International Film Festival”, USA.

Best American long Film award for "Daddy" at the "Toronto World International Film Festival", Canada.

Best Feature Film award for the "Daddy" at the "Phoenix International Film Festival", Australia.

Best Children's Film award for "Daddy" at the "Los Angeles International Film Festival", USA.

Best Feature Film for Kids award for "Daddy" at "The Kids Film Festival”, Spain. 

Also the Best Feature long Film award for "The Lover" at the "Five Continents International Film Festival" Venezuela and the Best Story award at the "Red Corner International Film Festival", Sweden.

His feature long film "Daddy" has achieved more than 52 awards and nominations,  and his other fiction film "The Lover" has received 15 awards and nominations in different film festival around the world.

His newest feature long film SUSAN has received 35 awards and nominations in different film festivals.

Mahmoud has been a judge as part of various film festival panel of jurors internationally including: 

"Harvard College International Film Festival" 2019, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

"Southeast Regional Film Festival" 2019, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

"Jacksonville Dance Film Festival" 2019, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

"Golden Tree Documentary International Film Festival" 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

"Texas Cinemania International Film Festival" 2016 and 2017, Texas, USA

"WideScreen International Film Festival" 2015, Miami, Florida, USA

" Red Dirt International Film Festival" 2014, Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

"Rendezvous International Film Festival" 2014, Amelia Island, Florida, USA

"Gwinnett Center International Film Festival" 2014, Georgia, USA and many more.....

More information available at:

Claryn Scott (From United Kingdom)


Claryn Scott is an award-winning actress and writer of English, Irish and American decent. 

She was born in Oxford Street, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

Having graduated with a BA from the University of Northampton.

Claryn continued her vocational training at the Manchester School of Acting with her work screening on Netflix, Foxtel, BBC and ITV. A trained and experienced journalist, her editorial transcripts have featured extensively in Trinity Mirror publications UK, whilst her debut screenplay "Enemy of the Heart" has won at several festivals worldwide which she produced the film in 2021. 

Always on the move, Claryn loves nothing more than working overseas to undertake projects of interest and indulge her passion for food and travel. 

Nicholas Rivera (From USA)


"Nicholas Rivera is a Hollywood Famous Composer who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah in USA with 41 years of experience in the entertainment business. He has made original score for 138 feature films, 8 American TV Series and 3 video games.

Nicholas has worked on films with actors such as Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and many other famous Hollywood Stars in Los Angeles.

During these years he won 32 best original score awards. He has studied in several colleges including

Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. It is the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world. Also he has studied in The Juilliard School of Music in New York City.

He also studied in the University of Texas, school of music in Austin. Nicholas also studied at the University of Utah school of music. He was involved in many projects of several Hollywood film companies including:

Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Television, Pop Art Films, Lion's Gate Films, VP Music Division. Gaelstone Media, PBS Television, Artisan Entertainment, Aspect, ABC Australia, NBCUniversal, Columbia Broadcasting System, Silver Pictures, Sony Pictures and Miramax studio.

According to Nicholas Rivera: “There is music in everything. Every person speaks in a musical key with their own range and timbre. Every heart beats with a slightly different rhythm. There is nothing so beautiful as the sound of a breath being drawn.

The wind howls, the snow whispers and thunder is just the most magnificent cacophony. From 105 Howitzers to the sigh of a new born baby, there-in lies the rhythm of life.”

Roohangiz Shams (From Iran)


Roohangiz Shams is an active independent multi award winning film Director, screenwriter, Director’s Advisor and Executive Producer, 1990 – Present. She is living in Tehran, Iran. 

She received a Master degree in Advertisement-Cultural Communication and
 Bachelor degree in Management of Cultural Affairs.

She has made several short, long, Documentary and fiction films.

Mrs. Shams has finished her newest long length feature film "Cousin & Cousin" that has shown all across her country and had great public feedback.

She is also teaching “Script Supervision in Cinema” in the universities,

Some of her short fiction films like “Falling into Ashes”, “A Glass of Milk” and “Why Doesn’t It Rain?” had participated in many international film festival around the world and achieved several awards in the USA Film Festivals including:

"27th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival", "St. John Paul Film Festival", "Arizona film festival", “Lake Charles Film Festival”, "31st Fair International Film Festival", "Tehran International Short Film Festival", and"Stuttgart Film Festival".

Mrs. Roohangiz Shams also acted as the final judge in some of the International Film Festivals such as the "4th Widescreen International Film & Music Video Festival" that happened twice in 2017-2018 in Miami, Florida, USA and many other film festivals in her country Iran. 

More information available at:

Jerry Wisner (From USA)


Jerry Wisner is a character actor living in Jacksonville, FL, USA. He recently was awarded the Best Lead Actor Award at the Branson International Film Festival 2019 for his role as Joe in the feature movie

THE LOVER. Throughout his career, Wisner has brought to life an assortment of characters in films and on stage. Characters have include doctors (CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER), handyman (SURPRISE), a nosey neighbor who is murdered, buried in the garden, and returns to talk to the audience in Act Three (EVERYTHING IN THE GARDEN). There has also been a retired policeman who shoots himself with his own gun (ANY NUMBER CAN DIE) and a judge (Ann Rand’s NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th). There has also been presidents (THE PRESIDENTS DOUBLE) and a governor involved in his first presidential election (THE GUV’). As Elwood P. Dowd he was friends with a Puka (HARVEY) and as Krasnov was out foxed by his comrades (NINATCHKA).

Films have offered Wisner the opportunity to infuse an assortment of characters with life there are many including: (EMERALD LAGOON), (THE LAST RESORT), (THE ZOMBIE ROOM), (THE CULT), (VEER), and (BACKLITE), (THE STRING) and (THE FE PROJECT).

He has been a convert and follower for BLORR Music Video (BOY YOU NEED JESUS).

Diane Keogh (From Australia)


Diane Keogh is an Actress, Writer and Producer.She was born in Manly, Australia and graduated with a B Bus from the University of Southern Queensland and a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology in aerosol science. She is a published Researcher. Diane trained with the Identity School of Acting, London, John Swanbeck, BlueSwan Films and Howard Fine Acting Studios, Los Angeles, and The Actors Pulse, Sydney. She has appeared in online New York Theatre company plays, and The Community Cooperative’s production of Pride & Prejudice. She also appears in Estrella Tamez and Rhianna Basore’s brilliantly funny US TV comedy series, In The Zoom Room. Her other work has included indie films from talented Directors and Writers such as Mack Strutters for Sundown , comedienne Henry Stone for The Circle, Director, Jordan Frith for Not Enough Time, and Leon Gerrard-Brown’s unique production, Agentic Swamp.

She featured in Ross Foad’s video for Cut Frame Magazine in the UK– 7 Tips for the Aspiring Screenwriter: A Beginners Guide to Screenwriting and has recorded Master of Ceremonies voice overs for burlesque acts at The Magician’s Cabaret Theatre Restaurant, Sydney, and recordings for the French book company, Maviefr Eurl, France for their MyLifeinaBook product. She wrote and produced her first short film, Not Enough Time, in 2019 in the NSW regional town of Port Macquarie, Australia, which received a number of awards in international film festivals. Diane has a passion for acting, writing and storytelling in a range of diferent genres, from comedy to drama and fantasy, and is a keen Screenwriter. Her greatest passion is travel and helping others achieve their dreams.

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