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Written Public Interviews with Cast and Crew


Yared Teame,
Director & Actor, (Eritrea)

Arild Remmereit,
Director, (Norway)


C. Edward Mack,


Ahmed Tahsin Shams,

Director, (Bangladesh)

Sonia Aimy,

Director (Canada)

Brandon Ladson, 

Director (USA)

Franklin Marshall III,

Director & Actor (USA)

John Angell Grant,

Director (USA)

Brandon Cela,

Director (USA)

Yiwen Cao,

Director (Hong Kong)

Luca Machnich Palmerini,

Director (Italy)

Jesse Carpio,

Director (Philipino-American)

Leonidas Gioldasis,

Director (Australia)

Bahar Ebrahim

Director (Germany)

Jude Peter Damian,

Director (India)

Elia Sage Hoover,

Director (USA)

Christina Teenz Tan, 

Producer (USA)

Mathieu Eymard,

Composer (USA)

Joi Barua,

Composer (India)

Lilia Le Dieu, 

Producer (Vietnamese)

Joshua Wright, Director (USA)

Luca Machnich,

Producer & Director(Italy)

Tina-Marie Cox,

Producer & Actress(USA)

Samudra Kajal Saikia 

Director (USA)

Reinhold Hellgren,

Producer & Director (Sweden)

Robert Sciglimpaglia,

Producer & Actor (USA)

Stephen Bowker,

Director (Australia)

Cheryl Halpern,

Producer & Director(USA)

Yoichi Utebi,

Producer (Japan)

Issam Akel,

Actor & Director (UAE)

Angel Katherine Taormina,

Actress & Producer (USA)

Georg Tüchert,

Writer & Director (Austria)

Molotov Mitchell,

Actor & Director (USA)

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