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The"American Golden Picture International Film Festival"

is a  Non-Profit organization and the donors are all Tax Exempt  when donating to our film festival.

We aim to help independent filmmakers gain the credibility and publicity they truly deserve. The Festival is a great opportunity for all filmmakers to share their films with a global audience through monthly online competitions, culminating each year in live screening at the physical "AGPIFF" event where top champions will be awarded.

The president of the festival is a multi-award-winning filmmaker with more than 30 years of experience in film industry. His films have received dozens of awards from other International Film Festivals around the world.

He has also served as a judge in numerous International Film Festivals.

The "American Golden Picture International Film Festival" hopes to attract dozens of filmmakers and artists with films shown to hundreds of film lovers in the audience each year.



Your sponsorship plays an integral part in helping to bring entertainment and also opens a window to increase awareness and knowledge of different cultures from all over the world.

As a non-profit arts organization, our Film Festival has always relied on the kindness of friends. It simply wouldn’t exist without your help.

The Festival welcomes new ideas and would love to work with any organization that shares interest in the arts and entertainment industry.

We have a wide range of unique sponsorship opportunities for businesses and partners who want to be involved in our annual event, website and social media; allowing companies to identify with major players in the film industry and helping to drive their brands among an affluent consumer audience.

The Festival creates unique, customized partnerships, branding opportunities, and promotions for our sponsors to meet their individual goals. We build partnerships to last not just a few days, but through the year and, hopefully, for years to come and welcome the opportunity to show how our Festival can deliver for your organization.


Main Package - Title Sponsorship with Extensive Promotion: $5000

Every mention of the Film Festival will include the “presented by” credit for your company. Your company will be awarded major visibility.

This will include • The Festival Press Releases, • Festival press kits, •The trailer of the festival in social media and YouTube and also during the yearly event, • Logo recognition on the Festival website with link, • Logo recognition in the official Program Guide, • Logo recognition on the festival’s big Banner during the red carpet event, • Logo recognition in a “Thank You” ad in the Film festival social media, • Thank you recognition when pre-advertising on TV, Radio or newspaper, • Also everything in the other packages below will be included.


Other Packages:

Package I- $200

Also you can help us welcome festival guests with your product samples and promote your company by placing your gifts in the welcome bag If this looks like a good opportunity to promote your company, share your brand and help promote arts, we’d love to discuss further.

Package II - $300

Display of your company’s banner and showing of up to 30 second commercial during the annual festival event, plus two full day tickets for    the entire annual event. 

Package III - $600

Logo on the film festival website for one year AND everything from package I.

Package IV - $1000

Weekly sponsor “Thank You” on our festival’s social media page for one year AND everything from package I and II.


Please contact us at:

Any amount of financial support to us is much appreciated! Your help will make a big difference to the promotion and success of our film festival which is a platform to support and showcasing films from very talented filmmakers and emerging storytellers those who live for the love of their arts.

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