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Award Winning Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

3rd year, 3rd edition, Sep. 2021

Best Fiction Short,

Best First Time Filmmaker,

Best Director,

*One Afternoon*

Directed by: Yumin Zhang, (China)


Best Fiction Short, Honorable Mention

*Night Of The Devil*

Directed by: Anthony Calvitti (USA)

Best Documentary Long,

*Extraordinary: The Revelation*

Directed by: Jon Sumple (USA)

Best Documentary Short,

*Haunted Thrills*

Directed by: Michael T. Lyddon (USA)

Best Animation Short,

*Pain Boy*

Directed by: Gus Fink (USA)

Best Student Film,

*I Will Se You There*

Directed by: Moris Zingman (USA)

Best Music Video, Honorable Mention

*Legal Lies*

Directed by: Peter Renzullo (Australia)

Best Trailer,

*The Box in The Basement*

Directed by: Mike Fox (USA)

"Official Selection" Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

3rd year, 3rd edition, September 2021

1- "Pain Boy", Animation (USA)

Directed by: Gus Fink

2- "Niyoti", Fiction Short (India)

Directed by: Gajen Panjing

3- "Night Of The Devil", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Anthony Clavitti

4- "Itlu Amma", Feature Narrative Long (India)

Directed by: Umamaheswara Rao C.

5- "Cupcake", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Christopher Nation

6- "One Afternoon", Fiction Short (China)

Directed by: Yumin Zhang

7- "The Box in The Basement", Trailer (USA)

Directed by: Mike Fox

8- "Legal Lies", Music Video (Australia)

Directed by: Peter Renzullo

9- "Haunted Thrills", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Michael T. Lyddon

10- "The Loneliness of The Social Distance Runner", Quarantine Film (UK)

Directed by: Nick Von Schlippe

11- "I'll See You There", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Moris Zingman

12- "Presenting The Past  ...", Documentary (Korea, Republic of)

Directed by: Chaeyoon Park

13- "Extraordinary: The Revelation", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Jon Sumple

14- "I Am The Storm", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Jason Turner

15- "The Day Harold Turned Left", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Joshua Scott

16- "One Shot At A Time, Covid Minds", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Andrew Bystrom

17- "Sign Of The Times", Trailer (USA)

Directed by: Andrew H. Walker

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