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As a filmmaker, please introduce yourself.

My name is ming tang ,I am not a professional animator. Because I love art, I once went to an Academy of Fine Arts for further study Later

I started a landscape art company in Chongqing, China. Designed and produced many sculptures works And won once grand prize.

I am currently working as a graphic editor in the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) News Department in New York, USA.

Let us know why you became a filmmaker as director and producer?

Directors and producers are the affair of many professional elites. I do n’t have any Extravagant hope, I just want to do my job quietly.

NTDTV has a strong artistic atmosphere,I have the opportunity to participate in various trainings, including lighting,

photography and video post-production. I learned a lot of knowledge here and laid a good foundation for my own animation.

Give some more information about yourself and the films you have made so far, about your experience?

In my spare time, I made more than a dozen cartoons film, such as the series of "The Secret History of the Red Dynasty" series,

the series of "The Absurd Story of the Ministry of Truth", and "Rocket Man". Making cartoons is a very time-consuming work.

At the same time, I need to buy photography equipment, make a studio, buy a lot of sculpture materials and other props, but often fail.

Although I often need credit card overdrafts, I still do not want to give up. I remember when I started groping for stop motion animation

four years ago, I got great support and help from my supervisor, Ya Ting, and the colleagues around me also provided me with a lot of

technical support for post-production, especially Ms. FuYao helped me solve many technical problemsThat is to say, I enter Shortlisted today

This honor should belong to colleagues,Is the honor of NTDTV, Here, thank you colleagues for their great help and support!

What are the films or people that had impacts on you and deeply inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Our media once obtained a recording from a Chinese policeman, revealing that the CCP military secretly harvested organs. policeman,

as an armed security guard, was unable to calm down after seeing the whole process, and finally chose to make public the news.

I always wanted to express this story in a certain movie way. My colleague xinqin, she used to work in 2D animation,

We talked about many cartoon topics and gave me great inspiration. I wanted to use sculpture to create a three-dimensional,

but to turn static characters into dynamic pictures, I encountered many technical difficulties and challenges, and later failed because of

many and gave up. In 2016, Li Jingyi, a Chinese painter in New York, wanted to create an art exhibition on live organ harvesting,

and invited me to make related art works. I wanted to be able to complete this cartoon film, which is an ideal exhibit works.

I got in touch with a sculptor in mainland China, he was also my former teacher (pseudonym: Tian Yun), He helped me solve many technical problems by email, and I finally completed the animation work within the specified time. This is my first The animation work,

although the film is not perfect, has also become a highlight of this art exhibition.

Does it your first favorit genres or you like to make other film like fiction and documentary too?

I once wrote a novel "Cang Sheng Tears" (Chinese)to describe the topic of organ harvesting. It has been published on many websites.

The novel is compared with cartoons. These are two different art forms, and the novel can be better portrayed. Activities in the heart

can convey a story scene and picture in the mind, but the animation does not need to imagine the picture, you can see the scene and

the wonderful picture directly through the eyes. People in modern society are more likely to accept visual stories, so making cartoons

or other video programs should be the industry I continue to pursue.

Your film “Secretary Tan and Index“ was officially selected in the "American Golden Picture International Film Festival".What were some of the challenges you faced in making this film?

Where does the virus come from? This is a concern all over the world, so I have the motivation to create animation works. If we want to create an evil incarnation, an artistic image with money, power and armed force, it is a great challenge. I have been brewing and thinking for a while.One day I accidentally got some inspiration.The logo of the Fabian Society before the establishment of communism is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Satan is also considered to be the incarnation of communism.Its logo is the image of a sheep's head.

Let us more about your experience in this animated film?

The coronavirus in the story of "Secretary Tan and Index" had an evolutionary process. it was created, his body is full of toxins, and it is rejected by the body's immunity, if an put a piece of sheepskin on the virus, It deceives the defense of the human immunity and is allowed to enter the human body, and absorbs a lot of communist evil substances in the evil body, so that the coronavirus has evolved into a toxin with communist evil and harms the people of the world.

When I started the "Secretary Tan and Index" cartoon, I wrote Chinese script.I think that many classic cartoon films in the world have no dialogue. Through language-free action forms, they can break through any language barriers and have more artistic charm.

As a filmmaker, why you decided to make your animated Film “Secretary Tan and Index“?

20 years ago in China, I because believed in “Truthfulnes, Benevolence, Forbearance”, I was imprisoned in prison. Persecuted by CCP.

My creative thought mainly comes from my deep understanding of the evil of communism. I am overseas, and I am fortunate

to be a reporter for Epoch Times,Through telephone interviews with a large number of ordinary Chinese people, lawyers and human rights defenders, I learned that the CCP uses unimaginable evil methods to persecute justice Chinese and all groups pursuing noble ideas,

torture and kill them, and even to them Live organ harvesting, etc. Then CCP played rogue, never admitting that it had done those evil acts

and deceived the people and the world. In fact, this is a wolf in sheep's clothing, which is the essence of communism.

Therefore, the virus for sure originated from such an evil regime that is hostile to the universal values of the world. What bad things they

want to do, without consultation or public opinion, A certain decision maker can make a policy that harms humans.

Their space is full of evil and rancidity. Communism is a breeding ground for viruses. "CCP virus", just like maggots born in cesspit,

maggots must like cesspit or decaying things. The CCP of Stink permeate in the sky has penetrated into the world. Whoever accepts it will suffer.

For many years, many countries have been appeasing the CCP, dare not accuse the CCP positively, and have used their mutual economic

interests to make this demon bigger. Therefore, I want to use a cartoon toto remind people that the biggest virus in the world

is not "coronavirus" but the Chinese Communist Party. CCP make biochemical weapons of "CCP virus" today, CCP Head fever tomorrow,

Will be play nuclear weapons? We must pay close attention to this. This is a war between justice and evil.

I hope that this cartoon reminds the world not to betray conscience for the benefit of money, and not to succumb to the CCP’s money

and all kinds of intimidation. Look at us and the people around you who are infected with the virus,

Let us stand together and say to communism: No!

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn after making this film?

After I finished the film, I think the biggest a lesson was to make a drama with dialogues into a drama without dialogues, breaking through language barriers, and achieving a certain artistic effect,

What keeps you inspired to continue filmmaking?

My film was officially selected. and support of my colleagues, it will inspire me to to continue filmmaking.

What are your filmmaking goals?

I feel that there are still many places that I need to improve, and there are still many problems that I need to constantly consult and learn

to pursue a higher artistic realm. I also hope to be able to do this job full-time.

What is your next project?

I think there is a lot of focus in the world, especially on the issue of communism. I am writing a cartoon script about communism's

attempt to occupy and rule the world. In terms of art, I hope to take a step forward and make stop motion animation more perfect

and carry forward,Reach a higher level.

Thank you for interviewing me.


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