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Award Winning Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

2nd year, 11th edition, May 2021

Best Feature Narrative Long

Best Directing

Best Cinematography

Best Supporting Actress

*Girl In The Palms*

Directed by: Jon Russel Cring (USA)

Best Composer

Best Quarantine Film

Best Poster

Best Director, Honorable Mention

Best Supporting 2 Actresses, Honorable Mention


Directed by: Jay Mohan (USA)

Best Fiction Short

*The Bulling Dad*

Directed by: Reinhold Hellgren (Sweden)


Best Fiction Short, Honorable Mention

*Welcome To Thiercelieux"

Directed by: Cedrick Spinassou (France)

Best Documentary Long

*Iraq's Lost Generation*

Directed by: Anne Poiret (France)

Best Documentary Short

*Empty America: Covid 19 and the War for Right*

Directed by: Barry Walton (USA)

Best Animation Short

*Boy Scientist*

Directed by: Susan Lim & Samudra Kajal Saikia (USA)


Best Animation Short, Honorable Mention

*Family Tree*

Directed by: Emmet O'Brien (Ireland)

Best Editing

*Sand Underneath*

Directed by: Robin Lehnert (Germany)

Best First Time Filmmaker

*Welcome Home*

Directed by: Dana Crypto (Argentina)

Best Music Video

*Focal by parallax*

Directed by: Peter Renzullo (Australia)

Best Trailer

*Dance In Paradise*

Directed by: Nyko PK16 & Hugues Damesin (Tahiti)


Best Trailer, Honorable Mention 

*Transformers: Regeneration*

 Directed by: Jack Hussey (USA)

"Official Selection" Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

2nd year, 11th edition, May 2021

1- "Unfiltered Through Their Eyes", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Frank Fazzio

2- "Take The Chocolate", Fiction Short (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Dr. Shahid Kamal

3 "What Is America?", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Maya Gastman & Blake Donovan

4- "Sand Underneath", Documentary (Germany)

Directed by: Robin Lehnert

5- "Boy Scientist", Animation Short (USA)

Directed by: Susan Lim & Samudra Kajal Saikia

6- "Enga Ooru Kattilae", Fiction Short (India)

Directed by: Ashokkumar

7- "The Transformers: ...", Trailer (USA)

Directed by: Jack Hussey

8- "The Bulling Dad", Fiction Short (Sweden)

Directed by: Reinhold Hellgren

9- "Ruins", Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Directed by: Jay Mohan

10- "Welcome to Thiercelieux", Fiction Short (France)

Directed by: Cedrick Spinassou

11- "Hello in There", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Thomas Nightingale & Jessica Hayden

12- "Dance in Paradise", Trailer (Tahiti)

Directed by: Nyko PK16 & Hugues Damesin

13- "Girl In The Palms", Feature Narrative Long (USA)

Directed by: Jon Russel Cring

14- "Family Tree", Animation (Ireland)

Directed by: Emmet O'Brien

15- "Boys Feel Sad Too", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Vicky Kuo, Wei Ti Huang, Fay Kuo, Thai Jui Hsuan

16- "Lo Lo Love", Animation (Russian Federation)

Directed by: Vladislav Dubkov

17- "Four Motherless Children", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Ralph Isenberg

18- "20 Legend", Documentary (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Anthony Parker

19- "Rainbowland", Documentary  (USA)

Directed by: Justin Verley

20- "Mediation", Fiction Short (Russian Federation)

Directed by: Vladimir Vinogradov

21- "We Came A  Long Way By Faith ...", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: George Wingard

22- "The Last Five Minutes", Fiction Short (Iran)

Directed by: Ramtin Kouchaki Hassankiadeh

23- "This Case & My Life", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Ana P. Braunstein

24- "Deceit", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Christopher Nkem Okafor

25- "Iraq's Lost Generation", Documentary (France)

Directed by: Anne Poiret

26- "Jerry Quarry: Boxing's Hard Luck Warrior", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Richard Poche

27- "Mr. Big", Fiction Short (Australia)

Directed by: Steve Bowker

28- "Bloodline", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Richard Poche

29- "Focal by parallax", Music Video (Australia)

Directed by: Peter Renzullo

30-- "Responding To The Pentagon", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Scott Carter

31- "Welcome Home", Animation (Argentina)

Directed by: Dana Crypto

32- "Empty America: Covid 19 and the War for Right", Documentary (USA)

Directed by: Barry Walton

33- "Paintless", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Konstantin Pivovar

34- "Luna-Tic", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Maria Brenda & Binjal Patel

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