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Award Winner & Official Selection Films of
"American Golden Picture International Film Festival"

1st year, 1st edition, July 2019

Best Feature Narrative Long Film 

Best Directing

*Free Slave*

Directed by Mehmet Tanrisever (Turkey)

Best Documentary Long Film:

*John and the Pahlavan*

Directed by Ryan Blake (USA)

Best Fiction Short Film:


Dircted by Jasonpaul Edwards (USA)

Best Animated Short Film:

*This is Depression*

Directed by Denise Harison (United Kingdom)

Best Music Video:

*ACS France*

Directed by ACS France Company (France)

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Mersad Herovic

For the Feature Narrative Long film *Bozkir Look At The Birds*

Best Screenplay

Best Supporting Actress


Directed by: Peter Renzollo

Best Composer:

Jonathan Galland

For the Documentary Long Film *Exploring The Pacific Nothwest*


"Official Selection" Films of the American Golden Picture IFF

1st year, 1st edition, July 2019

1- "Exploring the Pacific Northwest", Feature Documentary (USA)

2- "Free Slave", Feature Narrative (Turkey)

3- "Maybeline Molly and Me", Fiction Short film (USA)

4- "Anticipation", Feature Narrative (Australia)

5- "Thief", Fiction Short film (USA)

6- "ACS France", Music Video (France)

7- "Catchpenny Ritz", Music Video (USA)

8- "This is Depression", Short Film (United Kingdom)

9- "Needham Schiffer", Fiction Short film ( Australia)

10- "Malign", Fiction Short film (USA)

11- "Bozkir Look at the Birds", Feature Narrativa (Turkey)

12- "Monkeyfication", Fiction Short film (USA)

13- "Kiss me Malibu", Music Video (Spain)

14- "John and the Pahlavan", Documentary Long (USA)


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