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As a filmmaker, please introduce yourself and let us know why you became a filmmaker?

Hello, my name is Georg Tüchert and I live in Vienna/Austria. I’m quite a new filmmaker. Prior to that, I was working in the legal industry.

My whole life I have been interested in movies and how they were made. Recently, I decided to make movies myself.

Give us some more information about the films you have made so far?

So far, I have made two short films: “Suicide” and “Decliners”.

How you got started in the film world. What sparked your interest in visual storytelling?

First, I received an education as a video journalist and then worked at a TV station as a cameraman, editor, and reporter. However,

I found out that I was more interested in fictional storytelling. I find it very exciting to create characters and plots and to work with actors.

Why did you decide to tell this specific story in "Decliners"?

The plot is based on a true incident which occurred a while ago. A young man wanted to commit suicide and searched on the internet

for someone who also wanted to die. He found a young girl and they jumped from a cliff together.

This incident both shocked and fascinated me, so I decided to make a film about it.

Can you share how you started and finished this film, what were some of the challenges you encountered while filming and how did you overcome them?

I think the most important thing is preparation. Although it is only a short movie of six minutes, with only two actors and only

one filming location, we spent about 4 months preparing the film. Luckily, my DoP René Rodlauer already had a large crew

he frequently used to work with. That crew joined our project, so I didn’t have to spend much time in assembling a team.

One challenge was finding the right location. The film is set in the forest and for us it was important to find a place that can be reached

easily by car, so we didn’t have to carry the equipment so far. Fortunately, we only needed a day to find the right place.

Did the screenplay shift a lot before/during/after the shoot?

The early version of the screenplay, which I co-wrote with Andreas Reisenbauer, included much more dialogue and flashbacks.

It tried to explain the reason why the two kids would commit suicide. However, at a certain point we found that this was not necessary,

so we dropped all the background information and put the focus on the suicide attempt itself. During the shoot, the script did not shift any further.

Was there any improve on set, or everything was exactly according to the screenplay?

We did intensive rehearsals before shooting and the actors understood the story from the point of view of their characters.

On set, the screenplay didn’t change again.

How did you approach casting for the film, and how did you work with the actors to achieve your vision?

Fortunately, I found the right actors very easily. For the two characters in the movie I only had five actors read for me. The work with the actors Katharina Settele and Alexander Schrei went very smoothly. They understood quickly how I wanted the mood of the characters to be expressed: the desperation and the fear of death.

Your short film "Decliners" was officially selected in the "American Golden Picture International Film Festival".

What were some of the challenges you faced?

Which makes me very happy and proud!

We didn’t have a big budget and we only had two days for shooting, but I had the ambition to make a good, professional film. It helped very much that I had an amazing cast and crew of young, ambitious people who were very professional.

How was the movie accepted by audiences so far?

What were some of the reactions?

Overall it was well received so far. The reaction was that it is thought-provoking, beautifully photographed, and well performed.

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn?

I learn a lot from each movie and I hope I am getting better.

The most important part is distributing the film. What did you do so far for distributing your film?

So far, I keep submitting it to film festivals.

Filmmaking is so hard full of stress, What keeps you inspired to continue filmmaking?

I just love doing it. It is so much work, stress and cost, but it is very satisfying to watch my film when it is finished.

And if it is well-received, too, it motivates me to continue filmmaking.

What are your filmmaking goals?

I want to start making feature films.

What are you currently working on and what can you tell us about your next project?

I am working on a script for another short film. It is about a young couple who are in an unhealthy relationship which they cannot escape.


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