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Please introduce yourself.

Hello; It's a pleasure to introduce myself to fellow artists and new fans My name is Eve Austin and I am grateful to have been selected as best supporting actress in the American Golden Picture International Film Festival for my role in LEGIT.

Why you became in film industry as producer and actress?

I began my journey as an actress after having experienced much in this lifetime. Always wanted to be a part of this community and 

did so after having 2 children and a successful career in Advertising. Both on the Agency and client sides. 

 One of the most memorable was as Advertising director for Diane Von Furstenberg at the time she invented her famous "wrap dress".

Give some more information about yourself and the films that you have made so far, about your experience?

I was born in Europe, came to the US at 10 years old without speaking English. Always loved films/theater and wanted to be 

a part of that community. I have been in many films and shows; such as the iconic LawOrder SVU. 

 Most recently several films that can be seen on Amazon and other VOD platforms; Some of the feature titles are: 

American Fango, All You Can Eat, T APE and the shorts JOE and Fully Engaged.

Currently in the International Film Circuit I have the following as an actress; Confidant for which I have been nominated 

and won several best actress awards, WINK, DRIP, The Other Wall as well as the ones that I also produced Three For The Road and LEGIT 

which is currently in the American Golden Picture Film Festival.

What are the films or people that had impacts on you and deeply inspired you to become a producer or actress?

The great actors in our world that have and continue to inspire me are of course, Cate Blanchet, Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep, 

Glen Close, Isabelle Huppert, Simone Signoret, Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren and so many more. 

 The list of films I love is endless and way too long for this article. Films that show triumph over adversity are my favorite.

You have produced your nice film "Legit" which was Officially Selected in the 

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival".

As a filmmaker, why you decided to produce it?

LEGIT deals with prostitution becoming legal in the United States. I believe it would help clean up much of the crime 

and drugs that sorround this profession. The movie shows, in a humorous way how prostitution and politics are interrelated. 

 I had never seen prostitution shown in films as anything but a love story or as a documentary.

What were some of the challenges you faced in making this film?

Producing and acting together was challenging because I needed to separate the two while on set. 

 Many challenges come with producing including, funding, finding the right people to help create your vision, creating a wonderful film family 

and in this case a very short period of time to have it written, cast, filmed edited and delivered- 72 hours.

Let us more about your experience in this film?

Keeping the set as a happy family, dealing with locations falling through, time constraints and marvelously talented people 

including the writer/director, amazing cast, Director of photography, keeping them all satisfied and happy and meeting high production 

values was a joy and an honor.

The cinematography and your acting supports the drama in a very effective way. 

What was it like to work with your team?

The team could not have been more professional and dedicated. My co-producer Christine Verleny is a wonderful actress and a joy 

to work with, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber wrote and directed this and it was her first experience doing so. 

 While we were primarily a cast and crew of powerful women- The male actors in the film and crew were wonderfully supportive and 

extremely helpful. An actor is only as good as the other actors they are working with. In this case my scene partners were superb.

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn after making this film?

The lesson of patience. There is an expression that says " Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither is a film.

What keeps you inspired to continue acting or producing?

Life keeps me inspired to create and produce. There are so many important stories in the world to tell. 

 We have so many unrecognized talents and heroes. So much hope and inspiration to give audiences. 

 Teaching them about themselves, our universe, growth and inspiring us all to do better as human beings.

The most important part is distributing the film. What did you do for distributing your film "Legit"?

Well, that is where the patience part comes in. We can try to distribute the film as a short, however I can see LEGIT become a feature film. 

We have many ideas on how to deepen and extend the various characters you meet in the short. What motivates them to do what they do.

 What their lives are like before and after this version of LEGIT begins and ends and what happens to them in their growth. 

I can also see LEGIT as a limited film and /or television series. It would be wonderful to hear from some of the filmmakers reading this 

if there is interest on their part to collaborate with us and having this vision happen through further financing 

and connections to like minded people.

What are your goals?

My goal is to continue creating , relatable concepts that will move, shake and create wonderful entertainment and life lessons for the world. 

To be a positive impact on people's lives. I also want to help young filmmakers and film students realize their vision. 

 To that end I currently am in 2 films that are also in the Film Festival Circuit getting awards and recognition.

What is your next film project?

I have several projects in the "works" as an actress am currently filming features with award winning directors - The Sisters Kardos 

and Subject A Male as well as 2 other films by directors that I have worked with several times before and am grateful and fortunate enough 

to be asked back by them- these films are getting a lot of press. Man and Witch an adult fairy tale with an all star cast that is 

an homage to 80's films such as The Never Ending Story. It is directed by Rob Margolies who has several films on Netflix 

and other world wide platforms The other is and All Mobbed Up a mob comedy, again with a well know cast which 

is written and directed by 7 time Lifetime Achievement winner John A Gallagher. As a producerI have 3 projects in the 

works- Mother Knows Best a story about a woman who presents herself as something she is not. 

 It is about racial and religious prejudice and Karma. Hopefully shooting in February 2021 and the other "Growing Adventures in Las Vegas" (working title) which is a comedy about 2 baby boomer women seeking adventure, growth and love in unusual ways. 

 Lola Does Manhattan which is going to be a hilarious and profound series for television . Of course I plan to be acting in all of them. 


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