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As a filmmaker, please introduce yourself.

We are Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette, Directors of "Anacronte".

This story it´s based on an original idea by Raúl and this is our first work together. The beautiful process and the reception of

our movie made us that we are bound and glad to continue in this way.

Let us know why you became a filmmaker as director and producer?

Inspired by my brother Luciano Sette that marked the way in cinematography learning, I began my cinematography studies

in the college from La Plata, Argentina. My first steps were as a writer in TV animation shows for children, that was a big school for me

because it gives me the training in the industry process and the workflow in big projects.

Give some more information about yourself and the films you have made so far, about your experience?

I´m Executive Director of MR BUG, an audiovisual content studio based in Argentina. Director and Executive Producer of Anacronte,

a 3D CGI animated short film that, after a year of distribution, has won 90 festivals and 270 selections worldwide.

Screenwriter in the animated tv series "Plim Plim the clown, a hero of the heart". Broadcasted on Disney Junior Latin America,

Channel 13 Argentina, Discovery Familia (USA), NETFLIX, awarded by the 2013 Martín Fierro Cable Award, Children / Youth category,

and Synopsis Kids! Magination Awards, honorable mention. 2015 Screenwriter and Director of “REFLEJOS”, animated short film

Winner of the INFANCIAS (INCAA) award.Director and Screenwriter of the animation series "MILI" Winner of the EXPOTOONS festival.

What are the films or people that had impacts on you and deeply inspired you to become a filmmaker?

I think that my stories are influenced more of experiences instead of other movies or other directors, a place in where I find

inspiration is in the theater, circus, or dance because there the esthetic event become in a life experience for the interprete like

the audience, both put the body at the same time. A director that works in these areas is Daniele Finzzi Pasca, a poet of the imagen for me.

I admire a lot of filmmakers or some aspects of them. The Intelligence in the Fabián Bielinsky´s stories, the photography of Alfonso Cuaron,

and some esthetics risks of Aranofsky. They have gestures that I really enjoy.

Your animated film "Anacronte" won 2 awards of  the best animated film and best original music in the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival".

Does it your first favorite kind of filmmaking or you like to make another kind of films like fiction or documentary too?

The first Raul´s idea about Anacronte was to make surrealistic paint and later that idea become in a short film, the animation was

the better way to respect the germ and give us the possibility to expand the story´s potential.

I haven´t preference now about the format but this change in each phase of my life. Now we are working in live-action

and animation projects of sci-fi for +16 and that gives to me the possibility to be the target of my projects.

What were some of the challenges you faced in making this film?

Find the look of Anacronte´s character was one of the most difficult processes, we needed to find the design of that presence that

represents the face of humanity´s conflicts and that, hasn´t a reference in the real life. After many tests, our Art Director Nelson Luty

showed us the last design, and Raúl and I stay in the silence between nervousness and happiness. We had embodied the guy!

Another challenge was doing possible some scenes with crowds walking in an infinity plain of painting in an oniric world,

this was a big point of encounter between concept art and technical process. We had to be smart to do a storyboard conscious of the

next steps to avoid a catastrophe in the future process. Our Storyboard artist Franco Guzzo did a great job and he was very patient with us.

Let us more about your experience in this animated film?

Anacronte was a coproduction between Argentina and Mexico.

We travel with Raúl to Guadalajara for work in several

phases of the project. One of the most beautiful experience was

to make the credit sequence, we work with Polar Studio in the creation of an explosion of painting that represents the beginning of

everything, a metaphor about the big bang. Looking for

the esthetic of this particular event we decide to make a shooting recording the collision of different acrylics inside a small fish

tank full water. The result was fascinating.

The score is beautiful and supports the drama in a very effective way. What was it like to work with the composer?

It was a process with a lot of coffee, Daniel Tarrab and

Andres Goldstein are the authors of the original score.

We work in their studio Swing, music and audio post both process

and we find big support and accompaniment in them.

They have all the skills and creative minds to take your ideas and turn them into an original score.

A funny moment was when Raúl wanted to include the Motzart´s Requiem in the final of the short film.

Were a fantastic idea and a gorgeous resolution of the composers.

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn after making this film?

In the japes culture, the Kintsugi is a technique that consists in fix the vases broken joining the parts with dust gold,

that technic to fix them talk about the power of the scars and its role in our life. Ancronte showed us that the arrows are unavoidable,

we can just to prove ourselves what we´ll do with them.

What keeps you inspired to continue filmmaking?

Some art expressions that move me are a big motivation to taking part of that Universe, some everyday heroes like my mama and dad,

and that people that take decisions with fear and transform their life.

The most important part is distributing the film. What did you do for distributing your film?

Learning a lot! we are living time of change, the industry moves to the online world and we have to be able to be part of that movement.

The platforms of distribution, online festivals, monthly festivals, whatever, all a world for learning mean we write or next stories.

The independent way.

What is your next project?

Now we are writing two TV series. One is the spin-off of Anacronte in animation and the other is a Sci-fi live-action project.

We hope to return to another film soon.

GOOD LUCK Emiliano

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