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AN INTERVIEW WITH Dezmyre Volmeus, Actress & FILMMAKER

As an actor/filmmaker, please introduce yourself and let us know why you decided to get involved in acting/filmmaking?

I am Dezmyre Volmeus , Haitian-American actor, model, producer, and director from Miami, Florida. I graduated from Florida International University with a dual degrees in Political science and international relations. I left Miami in 2012, after loosing my grandfather,

Jerome Cajuste, to cancer. I’ve decided it was time to move to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams in the entertainment industry.

I have trained with some of the top acting coaches in Los Angeles and Atlanta. In 2015, I had booked my first national commercial without an agent which was very encouraging because the industry is competitive. I landed commercial representation soon after.

The following year, I submitted for internship opportunity to as many agencies because I wanted to learn all angle of the business.

I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to intern at Jerry Pace agency. It was through this internship I had obtained a better

understanding of what agents and managers deals with. Soon after, I did another submission to intern with casting directors.

I was granted the opportunity to work with casting director Anissa Williams. In 2019, I trained with director/coach Beth Ryne and

learned some tips on how to help actors break down scripts. With all the training and knowledge during my internship,

I was confident enough to start creating my own project. I joined the SAG-AFTRA Union on January 2019 and made my projects union.

My decision to start producing created a magical bond between my mother, Clerda Cajuste, and I. Imagine having your mother who

was once against your career to now working with you! Best feeling ever!!!!! I am committed to acting because I want to break the Haitian traditions which limit one to choose a career in medical, law, or engineer.

Tell us about how many films you have acted in/made so far. Your experience?

So far, I have written, acted, produced, and directed two films. Both Films “In Position” and “Lost and Found” have been selected to few film festivals which is very encouraging considering being a first time Haitian filmmaker.

What are the films that influenced on you and deeply inspired you to become an actor?

There are so many films and tv shows that I am constantly inspired by to keep the fire burning in me.

The desire to become an actor started when I used to write poetry and had to perform in school.

The impact my poems had on people was my confirmation that I am called for something greater.

Your trailer "Lost and Found" has been officially selected in the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival".

What were some of the challenges you faced during making it?

I am so honored to have been selected. The beauty of challenges is the results you get for staying committed. The most challenges is the lack of sleep because I had to wear all the hats. I work full time, and attend acting classes. In addition, the project is self funded.

Were there any unforeseen challenges you had to deal with on set?

The few mistakes from the first film “In Position” were noted. Therefore, I was extremely prepared for this one. It was a great time on set!

Being involved in acting or making a film what was the most important lesson you had to learn?

The most important lesson I had to learn as an actor is that the decision process for producers is EXTREMELY hard. I stayed up late reviewing tape auditions and I didn’t realize how much pressure it creates for producers. So, I learned to appreciate every audition invitation as an actor.

What are your favorite genres to work on? Why is it your favorite?

For the most part, I enjoy the drama genres because it keeps the adrenaline going without loosing sight of the message. The next goal is to test out comedy to see if I could keep the audience focus on the intended message like the drama genres,

Who are some of your favorite filmmakers and what do you like about their works?

Oh! my top filmmakers are Tyler Perry, Ava Duvernay, Dee Rees to name a few... I love their works because of the attention to details to the message they want to send across. They make you relieve the experience while watching by their carefully selected details.

If you could work with anyone famous in the world, who would that person be?

Without a shadow of doubt, it would be Tyler Perry!! I always refer back to his testimony and his undeniable love for God every-time I set goals to create a project. He’s my all time role model because he wore all the hats, made history, breaking barriers in Hollywood. His acceptance speech at the award show advising us to create our own table was so powerful that it activated so much motivation in me.

To you, what part of the filmmaking is the hardest part?

The finance will always be the hardest because every filmmaker wants quality work.

What keeps you motivated to continue acting?

Besides creating my own project, I enjoy reading updates on some of my favorite actors such as Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o, Letitia Wright, Keke Palmer, Micheal B. Jordan, Denzel Washington, and the list goes on!

What are your acting goals?

My acting goals is to land an opportunity to work with Tyler Perry! I am not just an actor, I am well knowledgeable in the business to work side by side with him. Hollywood don’t have Haitian actors in the mainstream so I am hopeful to break that barrier.

 For your next project, what sorts of movies would you like to get involved if you had your choice?

For my next projects to come, I would like to get involved with films that bring education on Haitian culture, awareness to sex trafficking , undocumented immigrants unfairness, wrongful jail penalties, and the power of believing in God.


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