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Award Winner & Official Selection Films of

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

2nd year, 2nd edition, August 2020

Best Feature Narrative Long

Best Child Actress

Best Child Actor


Directed by: Junaid Herekar (India)


Best Feature Narrative Long, Honorable Mention

*The Final Code*

Directed by: Carlo Fusco (Italy)

Best Fiction Short

Best Directing

Best Editing

Best Screenplay

Best Lead Actress

Best Composer

*Lip Reader*

Directed by: Tanxuan Shi (China)


Best Composer, Honorable Mention


Directed by: Andrew Ramirez (USA)

Best Fiction Short, Honorable Mention

Best Directing, Honorable Mention

Best Editing, Honorable Mention

Best Sound


Directed by: Deepak Reddy (India)

Best Documentary Long

Best Cinematography

Best Sound, Honorable Mention

"Alaska Long Hunters*

Directed by: Mark D. Rose (USA)

Best Lead Actor

Best Cinematography


Directed by: Kody Newton (USA)

Best Supporting Actress


Directed by: Jordan Elizabeth Gelber & Thomas Kohut (USA)


Best Lead Actress, Honorable Mention


Directed by: Ali Zamani (USA)

Best Documentary Short

*Belle-Ile In Acadie*

Directed by:Phil Comeau (Canada)

Best Quarantine Film

*The Reason Caroline Hates Eggs*

Directed by: Brook Lee (USA)


Best Quarantine Film, Honorable Mention

*Cold War*

Directed by: Zeff Lawless (UK)


*Widows To The World*

Directed by: Bia Oliveira (USA)

Best Animation Short

*The Boy And The Mountain*

Directed by: Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal (Chile)


Best Animation Short, Honorable Mention


Directed by: Enrique Pilozo Liuxander Ricardo Silva (USA)

Best Music Video

*Rock Lobster*

Directed by: Laurent Mercier (France)


Best Trailer


Directed by: Maria Brenda & Paulo Bertola (USA)


Best Poster, Honorable Mention

*The Sheriff of Fable Twon"

Directed by: Mihnia Cernat (Romania)

"Official Selection" Films of the "American Golden Picture IFF"

2nd year, 2nd edition, August 2020

1- "Too Far", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Juan Alonso

2- "The Body", Fiction Short (Australia)

Directed by: Adam Weber

3- "Maya, The Sacrifice", Trailer (USA)

Directed by:Maria Brenda & Paulo Bertola

4- "Life Under The Microscop", Quarantine Film (Russian Federation)

Directed by: Oleg Nalivkin

5- "Black Lives Matter", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Ashna Sharan

6- "The Sheriff of Fable Town", Fiction Short (Romania)

Directed by: Mihnia Cernat

7- "Bad Blood ...", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Sebastian Martin Orquizo

8- "Three Ladies" & "Door of Evil", Fiction Short (Spain)

Directed by: Almudena Rojo

9- "The Price", Documentary Short (USA)

Directed by: Kenny Gage

10- "Outlying Zephyr", Documentary Short (Mexico)

Directed by: Vanessa Coleman

11- "Last Chance", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Joshua Mitchell

12- "The Boy The Mountain", Animated Short (Chile)

Directed by: Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal

13- "Alice", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Andrew Ramirez

14- "The Little Thing ...", Documentary Long (Germany)

Directed by: Manouchehr Abrontan

15- "The Reason Caroline Hates Egg", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Brook Lee

16- "The Clawford Trilogy", Quarantine Film (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Caz Armstrong

17- "All Hail The Champion", Animated Short (USA)

Directed by: Eric Lochstampfor

18- "Cold War" & "Flat Earth Theory", Quarantine Film (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Zeff Lawless

19- "Belle-Ile In Acadie", Documentary Short (Canada)

Directed by: Phil Comeau

20- "Hunger", Animated Short (USA)

Directed by: Enrique Pilozo Liuxander Ricardo Silva

21- "Manasanamaha", Fiction Short (India)

Directed by: Deepak Reddy

22- "Before Sunrise", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Rogerio Takashi

23- "Angels Are Among Us", Fiction Short (Canada)

Directed by: Gerry Manus

24- "New Hampshire ...", Music Video (USA)

Directed by: Jen Husker

25- "Lip Reader...", Fiction Short (China)

Directed by: Shi Tanxuan

26- "Avocado Desperado", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Kyle Tetzlaff

27- "Rock Lobster", Music Video (France)

Directed by: Laurent Mercier 

28- "The Color of Truth Is Grey", Trailer (USA)

Directed by: Rostislav Luchnikov

29- "Lifeline", Quarantine Film (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Lewis Carter

29- "Nineteen", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Jon Tierney

30- "Sanders Complaint", Feature Narrative Long (United Kingdom)

Directed By: Marcus Scott

31- "Legit", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Jordan Elizabeth Gelber & Thomas Kohut

32- "The Lockdowners", Quarantine Film (United Kingdom)

Directed by: Andrew Connor

33- "Panty", Feature Narrative Long (India)

Directed by: Junaid Herekar

34- "Windows To The World", Quarantine Film (USA)

Directed by: Bia Oliveira

35- "Inner Demons", Quarantine Film (Romania)

Directed by: Mihnea Cernat

36- "Like Daughter, Like Mother", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Clyde Baldo

37- "Disconnected", Documentary Short (India)

Directed by: Junaid Herekar

38- "Desiderium", Animated Short (USA)

Directed by: Kim Nguyen

39- "The Final Code", Feature Narrative Long (Italy)

Directed by: Carlo Fusco

40- "Einreichen", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Kody Newton

41- "Hacked", Fiction Short (USA)

Directed by: Ali Zamani

42- "Alaska Long Hunters", Documentary Long (USA)

Directed by: Mark D. Rose

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