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Please introduce yourself and let us know how and why you became a filmmaker?

My Name is Andrew Jackson, I was born in Harlem, U.S.A. smack in the middle of New York City. 

I have always been a creative, at the age of 16 while attending Art & Design High School I had the chance to intern for Milestone Media Comics, 

a black owned comic company published by DC comics (Creators of Static Shock). This was a magical moment for me as a young 

African- American getting to see characters that looked like me having adventures on colorful pages, the artist was born. 

My passion for art grew and eventually turned into a career in music. Coming from an urban environment Hip-Hop drew me in 

with its hypnotic beats and funky rhythms. I started to perform as Mr. TwoOh my stage name ( Andrew Jackson is on the $20...get it lol) 

and got the chance to tour with groups like the Hit Squad, even creating my own group Dawhole damn show. Music lead me to what I now 

call the meeting grounds for all arts...Film. I’ve been working in the film business since 2014 in production and the assistant directors department. The first film I worked on was “ Still Alice”. Over the years I was blessed to work on so many sets shoulder to shoulder with 

some of the most talented people in the world, learning along the way.

Give some more information about the films you have made so far and about your experience?

“Affliction” is my second short film a horror / thriller. The idea was created by my friend Dan Rubin-Marx and myself about 4 years ago. 

The main vein of the story is “choices”, we all make them and they all have consequences, some we don’t see. This time around the eyes 

behind the camera was my good friend Jessica Cele, she’s an amazing African-American DP.  I look forward to making 

many more films with her. My first short film “Red Night Special” will always be my baby, 

I wrote and directed it. Red Night Special is an urban drama and was lucky enough to win two film festival awards.

What are your favorite film genres to work on? Why?

love all film. That said I really love horror / thrillers. I feel like this genre really gets the mind racing and engaged, either 

you are running from the boogie man on the screen or you're trying to figure out what happen while hanging on to the edge of your seat. 

To you, what part of filmmaking is the hardest part?

This is easy...the edit but all parts of film making can be hard. Pre-production, planning, strategizing, preparing for the unknown. 

Then there’s the actual shoot, people and places moving at the speed of light...and sound (see what I did there, lol). 

But it’s in the edit where we find the real film, every moment that tells our story, the editing room will test your every instinct as 

a creative, you will find ways to piece the story together that you never thought of. What are the films or people that had impacts 

on you and deeply inspired you to become a filmmaker or writer? Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite director / writers, I love how 

he tells stories out of time. His films to me show how we all live in moments, some seen and some not. 

 Also Spike Lee is on the very top of my list, He’s a genius hands down. Every movie Spike has made speaks to me as a Black man in America. 

I got the chance to work with Ernest Dickerson while on “GodFather Of Harlem”, Ernest and Spike created some amazing visual history.

Your film “Affliction“ was officially selected in the 

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival”. 

What were some of the challenges you faced in making this film?

Affliction is my second short, so this time around I wanted to focus doing better, at everything lol. Each set that I’ve step on in my life 

I learn something new. Theres always a new way to help an actor emote their feelings to give you what you want on the screen, 

theres always a new way to compromise with your DP on how the scene needs to be shot, theres always a location issue of some sort. 

Film makers, we are problem solvers, we are the dreamers who never let the world stop our vision.

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn during making the film “Affliction”?

That its not how you get the shot, it’s what they see on the screen. On this film the crew and I had to dig deep into our bag of tricks.

What keeps you inspired to continue as a writer or filmmaker?

As I said earlier I have always been an artist and I love storytelling. When I look up into the night sky I see an endless sea of lights, 

each with its own story to tell, I look around in the park as people walk back and forth and the old woman on the bench 

feeding the birds has thousands of stories to be told. Everything inspires me.

What are your goals?

To Build my production company TwoOhNation. My company is all about people of all facets telling their stories, sharing their vision, 

Film, Music, Fashion and all things Artistic. World peace is also one of my goals.

What is your next project?

I am currently working with one of my good friends JoJo Taveras, we a writing a super hero feature about an African-American man, 

going back to the roots of my artistry. I’m hoping to complete a final draft soon and raise the funding to direct my first feature.


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