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As a Filmmaker, please introduce yourself.

Hello, I'm Adanna Madueke, a Digital Creator and filmmaker-driven by a profound passion for storytelling.

My journey delves deep into the rich tapestry of African culture, identity, and empowerment,

where every frame echoes the resilience and vibrancy of our narratives.


Why did you become a filmmaker as director and producer?

I embarked on my journey as a filmmaker because I'm captivated by the transformative potential of visual storytelling.

It's not just about crafting narratives; it's about igniting conversations, catalyzing change, and championing the underrepresented.

As a director and producer, I seize every opportunity to challenge conventions and showcase

the kaleidoscope of my African heritage, painting vivid portraits that resonate with audiences far and wide.


Give some more information about yourself and the films you have made so far, about your experience?

Before embarking on my documentary journey with 'Our African Heritage,' I cultivated a YouTube channel

with over 1 million subscribers, dedicated to empowering black women with natural hair tutorials.

Driven by a fervent desire to delve deeper into themes of cultural identity and African heritage, I ventured into filmmaking.

'Our African Hairitage' emerged as a testament to my commitment to unraveling untold stories and amplifying marginalized voices.

In parallel, I've spearheaded Crown Revival, an initiative aimed at educating young girls in

secondary schools about embracing their natural hair. Through these endeavors, I strive to spark meaningful

conversations and foster inclusivity within our diverse communities.

What are the films or people that had impacts on you and deeply inspired you to become a filmmaker?

Films like 'The Woman King' by Gina Prince-Bythewood and 'Black Girl' by Ousmane Sembène have left an indelible mark on me, igniting a fervent desire to authentically portray the African experience through storytelling.

Moreover, visionaries like Ava DuVernay and Nollywood icon Genevieve Nnaji have fueled my passion with their unwavering commitment to purposeful storytelling, inspiring me to wield the camera as a tool for change and empowerment.


You have made your film "Our African Hairitage," which got an official selection in the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival."

As a filmmaker, why did you decide to make it?

"Our African Hairitage" emerged from a deeply personal quest to confront the Eurocentric beauty ideals

that permeate African society. It became my cinematic manifesto, a poignant exploration of identity and

self-acceptance. Driven by a fervent desire to challenge stereotypes and celebrate the kaleidoscope

of African beauty, I embarked on a journey to reclaim our natural hair. This film is not just a narrative;

it's a rallying cry for empowerment and liberation within the African diaspora.


What were some of the challenges you faced in making this specific film?

In the making of this film, I confronted a myriad of challenges, chief among them being

the complex landscape of societal beauty norms and the daunting task of challenging ingrained biases.

Finding a stylist who could authentically capture the essence of African hairstyles proved to be a formidable hurdle.

Yet, fueled by an unwavering passion for natural hair cultivated over years, and buoyed by the unwavering dedication of

my team and the steadfast support of our community, we forged ahead, determined to overcome every obstacle in our path.

Let us know more about your experience in "Our African Hairitage"?

In 'Our African Hairitage,' I embarked on a profound odyssey, delving deep into the hearts and minds of individuals across diverse backgrounds, united by a shared narrative of cultural identity and self-discovery.

The experience was nothing short of transformative, as each encounter illuminated new facets of our

collective journey toward self-acceptance and cultural pride. Witnessing the ripple effect of the film on audiences,

and the impassioned dialogues it ignited, remains a testament to the enduring power of storytelling as a catalyst for change.

The crew member supports the story in an effective way. What was it like to work with them?

Collaborating with my crew was akin to orchestrating a symphony of creativity and dedication. Each member infused the project with their distinct talents and perspectives, harmonizing seamlessly to craft a narrative that resonated deeply with audiences. Their unwavering passion and tireless commitment breathed life into "Our African Hairitage," elevating it from a mere film to a transcendent experience.


For you, what was the biggest lesson you had to learn after making this film?

After creating 'Our African Hairitage,' I was profoundly reminded of the power of authenticity in storytelling. It served as a poignant reaffirmation of the necessity to remain steadfast in my vision as a filmmaker, unyielding in my commitment to narratives that echo personal truths and have the capacity to catalyze societal transformation.


What keeps you inspired to continue filmmaking?

What keeps me fueled in the world of filmmaking is the profound impact it has in amplifying the voices often unheard. It's the electric energy that sparks vital conversations and ignites change. Seeing the transformative power of storytelling ripple through individuals and communities alike is what ignites my passion, propelling me to craft narratives that resonate deeply and inspire lasting empathy, understanding, and empowerment.


The most important part is distributing the film. What did you do for distribute your film?

In the distribution of "Our African Hairitage," I employed a multifaceted approach, leveraging film festivals, online platforms, and grassroots community screenings to amplify its reach. Additionally, I'm actively pursuing partnerships with streaming platforms, driven by the unwavering conviction that every black woman deserves to experience the profound narrative journey of "Our African Hairitage.


What are your filmmaking goals?

My filmmaking aspirations are anchored in a relentless pursuit of thought-provoking narratives that shatter societal norms and champion inclusivity. I aim to forge partnerships with kindred spirits in the creative realm, harnessing our collective energy to amplify diverse voices and catalyze tangible social transformation through the art of storytelling.


What is your next project?

For my next project, I'm embarking on an exhilarating journey to explore the rich tapestry of our African heritage. Each destination promises a unique narrative waiting to unfold, and I'm eager to document the diverse stories and experiences that shape the cultural fabric of our continent. Through this endeavor, my overarching goal is to foster self-love and acceptance within the Black community, while also deepening our understanding of our roots and heritage.

Thank You and GOOD LUCK Adanna


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