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"Official Selection" Films of the

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival",

5th year, 8th edition, Feb 2024

1- "Selma's Garden", Documentary

Directed by: Matt Dykes (USA)

2- "Alla Vodka", Documentary

Directed by: Enrique Mora Rocca (USA)




3- "Maybe In Thousand Years", Music Video

Directed by: Malcolm Solomon (USA)

4- "Homeless In LA", Documentary

Directed by: C. Edward Mack (USA)

5- "Re-encounter", Animation

Directed by: Xiaochu Dai (UK)

6- "Like An Open Heart it Shines", Fiction Short

Directed by: David Collupy (USA)

7- "Juses", Music Video

Directed by: Mychal Hunt (USA)

8- "Texas Football", Music Video

Directed by: Mychal Hunt (USA)

9- "Malibu Crush", Feature Narrative Long

Directed by: James Pratt (USA)

10- "The Pounders", Documentary

Directed by: Deborah Arlene Brown (USA)

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