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As a filmmaker, please introduce yourself.

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be here. I am the co-creator of the Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra 

and Alan the Musical, two exciting projects about the future of companionship with AI! In these projects, our team aims to bring bold new ideas to the

fore and we hope to start a global conversation about the future of (Companionship enabled through AI). 

I am also the lyricist for many songs from Alan the Musical including “Off to College”, Life on the Shelf”, “Evil Professor” 

and “Boy Scientist” which inspired the melodies of the Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra.

Why you became a filmmaker as director and producer?

It comes from a passion for communicating scientific and technical concepts, such as the future of artificial intelligence & robotics, 

through art forms such as music and animation. I am actually a doctor by training, but I do believe that science and art go hand in hand. 

For example, discussions about the future of synthetic life should not purely belong to the scientific

community but should also be discussed in the artistic(community. The ever-increasing integration of AI into our lives will change 

the emotional landscape of human forever and this must be explored through the arts. Cinema and music can help to foster this discussion and help

the world understand how society will evolve alongside AI.

What are recent films or people that had impacts on you and inspired you?

With animated films I have felt there is ample opportunity to bring original concepts to life, communicate scientific and abstract ideas, 

as well as showcase educational ideas in a fun and lighthearted way! An example of this is my recent favorite 

Waffles and Mochi directed by Jeremy Konner.

You have made your wonderful film"Fantasy of Companionship ..." which got award in the 

"American Golden Picture International Film Festival". 

As a filmmaker, why you decided to make it?

We hope to introduce important matters facing humanity such as the growing integration of AI into our lives and how this will impact us as a society. 

Today, our aged population has reached the highest point in human history. Through our film, we explore themes of loneliness that

accompany aging, juxtaposed against the joys of timeless human-human relationships and newfound human AI connections. 

We did this through communicating our visual art against the beautiful backdrop of our orchestral 

Lim Fantasy of Companionship for Piano and Orchestra ,

which has just been released in April 2021. The music itself draws inspiration from the DNA code of the inanimate.

What were some of the challenges you faced in making this specific film?

Too be honest- very few! It really has been a blast from conceptualizing the storyline to the creation of our animation. 

There were very minor challenges with selecting details, elements, and styles for the animation but in the end our animator 

Samudra brilliantly executed the film!

For you what was the biggest lesson you had to learn after making this film?

In order to communicate otherwise complex scientific concepts through film, we had to delve deep into scientific and quantum physics research

 in order to understand how best to portray concepts like synthetic DNA and quantum teleportation.

What keeps you inspired to continue filmmaking?

I really do love the creative process and believe that scientific pursuits and having an artistic, vivid imagination go hand in hand. 

There is no better way to tap into our scientific consciousness than through the medium of art, music and film. 

As our project continues to grow, I am fortunate to have the pleasure of working alongside many artists and musicians,

 some of whom are doctors and scientists.

The most important part is distributing the film. What did you do for distributing your film"Fantasy Of Companionship ..."?

We are actively pushing our social media platforms to share our project with the world! We are very fortunate to have 

a big team of talented artists and musicians who have been very engaged in our project. Of course, we do love being a part of film festivals, 

where we are able to showcase our film, network, and learn from other directors and filmmakers!

What are your filmmaking goals?

To spread our message and start a global conversation about the future of companionship in today’s society through music and film!

What is your next project?

We are proud to announce that we recently released our album Lim Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra! 

We are currently working on a fantastic new project titled “Cosmic Rhapsody” which will explore the future of space travel 

and discuss the pressing issue of climate change.

GOOD LUCK Christina

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